How Does It Work?

1. Check out our weekly menu.
2. Choose your meals (see below for package descriptions)
3. Checkout by 11:59pm on Wednesdays
4. Your order will be delivered on Mondays between 5-10pm
5. A minimum order of 50$ is required to be able to checkout
You can either order a la carte or combine meals for savings. Order any 5 items from the same category to receive a discount. A deeper discount is offered for orders of any 10 items or more from the same category.
Sign up for one of our weekly programs for even more savings! 
5 Day Meal Program Program: includes 5 "breakfasts", 3 "salads", 7 "meals"
7 Day Meal Program: includes  7 "breakfasts", 4 "salads", 10 "meals"