Dijon Chicken
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Dijon Chicken

Pan-seared, golden chicken breast in a smooth and creamy dijon sauce. Served with fluffy quinoa and mixed vegetables. 

Ingredients: Chicken breast, quinoa, onion, cabbage, carrot, spinach, dijon, maple syrup, oil, butter, cooking cream, spices, garlic.

Available in the following diet options: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free

Standard Nutrition breakdown:
Calories: 517
Carbs: 50
Fat: 17
Protein: 41
Each meal contains the ingredients below depending on the size you choose:

Standard: contains approx. 200g grains, 200g veggies, 100g protein choice
Small: contains approx. 135g grains, 135g veggies, 70g protein choice
Large: contains approx. 270g grains, 270g veggies, 135g protein choice
Fitness-Less Carbs: contains approx. 100g grains, 250g veggies, 150g protein choice
Zero- No Carbs: contains approx. 300g veggies,200g protein choice
Family: contains approx. 700g grains, 700g veggies, 350g protein choice
Family Plus: Contains approx. 800g grains, 800g veggies, 400g protein choice

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